video in b2b marketing

This guest post was written by Michelle Arios, Marketing Assistant for She enjoys writing for several online magazines and gaining experience in marketing. Whenever not working, she likes to catch up with the industry blogs or her favorite TV shows.

Everyone else is using video, and it’s time for B2B marketers to jump on board. Videos aren’t just for viral marketing or B2C ad campaigns. The businesses you’re selling to are made up of people just like you.

They want to learn the same way and interpret the same information you interpret. You’re displaying your worth to an equal, and video is one of the easiest ways to convey your point in a highly digestible manner.

Show Them You Know

Most B2C video marketing campaigns demonstrate that they know what their potential customers are going through, and that their product solves a problem. The same goes for B2B. Video will allow you to show that you understand what your customers and clients are doing.

You see the problems that they face, and you’ve prepared a functional solution. Use video to show them how that solution helps them overcome an issue.

Make it Memorable

The worst mistake you can make is taking too serious of an approach. There is a certain level of professionalism that goes on in business to business transactions, but being memorable is a little more important than being formal.

There’s nothing wrong with using humor or novel ways to prove a point – in fact, it’s the biggest perk that comes along with video marketing. Make them laugh and make them think. Even if they don’t need your services at the moment, they’ll remember you when they do.

Teach Your Viewers Something

Video tutorials are wildly popular on the internet. Spending a mere five minutes on YouTube will show you that there’s a tutorial for just about everything. Provide value through video.

How will other professionals use your product or service? What does it do? Is the interface of your software simple? What can they do with your product to make the most of it? You might be answering questions they didn’t know they had, or acknowledging things that they didn’t know could be easier.

Don’t Try to Overstuff

You probably have a lot of information you’d like to go over, and that’s why video seems to be an appealing format. Though it’s easy to discuss and demonstrate things through video, but if you’re throwing too much information at the viewer, they won’t be able to process it.

If you have a lot to say, break it up into a series of videos. If you want to go point by point, that might actually be far more helpful than attempting to reduce everything you do to a short clip.

Show Your Versatility

Both consumers and other businesses want to know that what they’re buying is cost effective. Business minded people want to know their investment is sound. Video gives you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how dynamic you are. Can your solutions be customized? Do you have any helpful features or off market uses?

Show them all of the functions you have to offer. Let them see your products or services in use, and provide the testimonials of all kinds of people who use it for different reasons. You might even be able to tap into markets you didn’t know you’d fit into.

Just make sure that whatever you’re doing on video isn’t something that would work better in text, a picture, or a plain infographic. In order to make the most of the medium, you should be taking advantage of the sight and sound combination video provides.

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