This guest post was provided by Beatrice McGraw, a senior digital marketer at international B2B marketplace ExportHub.

They say out of limitations comes creativity. Same is the case when it comes to building B2B PR. Most PR pros have restricted themselves to conventional and boring methods whereas doing the job successfully requires a little more fun!

The B2B subject is certainly complex but getting a little creative with it will aid to create a perfect angle for consumer PR. For winnings even miles off PR professionals not only have to excel in their client’s sectors but also need to utilize every resource at their disposal to get their hands over newsworthy hooks.

Consider the following guide to increase the impact of your social PR strategies and B2B trade media.

Be Proficient in Your Client’s Sector

To flourish as a B2B PR professional you have to be a creative genius and to make it happen you may need to go extra miles. Keep your hands and eyes on all the information that you can get about the client’s sector. Try hosting a brainstorming session right at beginning of the relationship to explore more about your new client and their market.

A media planning tool can also be utilized to have all the updates regarding events and stories that belong to your client.

Don’t Count on Press Releases

It’s not like that you have to abandon them overall. But the point is, most people are pushing out dull press releases to get their client’s news out and hoping for results as well – strange.

Press releases might get you a bit of coverage but that bit is certainly not going to set the world on fire neither it will pose any huge impact on client’s business. However, it’s recommended to evaluate carefully whether a media release is needed or not.

On the other hand, a precise personal note to specific friendly kind of journalists allows for better chances of gaining exposure to that news-worthy data that your client has to show. To sweeten the deal, turn it into an engaging infographic.

Dig Out a Newsworthy Hook

Avoid doing what everyone’s doing already. Pick the most creative; fresh and engaging topics that top notch agencies are most likely to fall for.

If your client lacks any such news or information then have them comment on news. Get them thinking about newsworthy and most interesting topics, sharing their thoughts as comments will establish them as a thought leader in the field.

It’s Fine to Go Bold

The rough and dry image that B2B Business Marketing or PR suffers from is just because of not being that glamorous. Here’s how it can be spruced up.

Manage to have a Special Day/Week/Month

Have the plan of attack. Never forget that timing is the key and try to make the most of days like Meat Free Mondays and World Chocolate Day. If you are planning on to get your campaign social then it will work for that too because people love good cause.

Send Clever Gifts to Journalists

Think of sending people something that tastes good because people are then going to talk about it. And this can get a little more exciting when those people happen to work at a radio station.

Steal Your Competitor’s Thunder

Use forward planner and trace out what your competitors are having in the pipeline so you can hit your opponents. In case you find they are preparing on releasing a report or section of research at that time you need to release your plan before them. It is quite tricky; other than done right it undoubtedly works.

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