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Are your B2B email marketing campaigns falling flat? A key mistake that companies make regarding their e-mail marketing efforts is that they do not collect the right prospect data. Their B2B email lists do not enable them to send the smartest, most effective e-mail marketing campaigns so are destined to produce lacklustre results right from the start.

E-mail marketing can be one of the most effective marketing tools available to B2B companies. According to a survey by Softwareadvice.com, 40% of B2B marketers rated leads to be of high quality. However, the quality of the leads comes down to the quality of your e-mail database and how targeted your campaigns are to your prospects needs.

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The Killer Mistake

For many B2B companies, only a person’s e-mail address feeds through from e-mail sign up forms into their e-mail marketing lists. Therefore, the ability to send targeted content is diminished. How can you grab someone’s attention if you don’t know much about them?

Don’t hold back when it comes to collecting e-mail list data

When building B2B e-mail marketing lists, you should carefully consider what prospect data you collect from those who sign up to your list. Whether you are using your website forms, forms at an event, social media or other means of building an e-mail list, ensure to capture all of the relevant prospect data you need. The same goes for gated content forms that you use for B2B lead generation.

Sure, you might think if a person only needs to submit their e-mail address, they are more likely to sign up. However, how valuable is this persons data if you can’t proceed to target them effectively through e-mail? When it comes to your B2B e-mail lists, you want quality prospects, not a large quantity of “duds”.

Catch their name

It may seem obvious to require e-mail sign-ups to include their name when subscribing to your database. However, many B2B companies don’t make this field a requirement. The result? You are unable to personalise your e-mail marketing campaigns.

The ability to address a person by name in your e-mail or subject line can greatly increase your B2B email marketing campaign open rate. E-mails with personalised subject lines are 22% more likely to be opened. At the very least, you should require e-mail sign-ups to submit their name and e-mail address.

b2b email list personalisation

Know their industry

No matter what product, service or solution you have to offer, people from different industries will have a different need for your offering. Your offering may provide a different solution to different pain points for different industries.

Of course, if there are key industries that your offering caters to, you can make it easy for people to submit this data by including a list of industries in a drop down menu in the form. Doing so will make B2B e-mail list segmentation a whole lot easier as you only have a set number of industry categories to segment your list with.

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Know their role

Do you find yourself talking to different personnel within a company when selling your product or service? For example, you might find yourself engaging with an Operations Director, CFO and the Head of I.T. within a prospect company when demoing a software solution.

When speaking to the Operations Director, you might relay how a software solution can help to streamline operations. When speaking to the CFO,  you will likely get down to crunching numbers and explain how much your solution can save the company. With the Head of I.T., you might discuss the technical aspects of the software.

See what I’m getting at here? With each type of personnel comes a different “angle” through which you should explain or promotion your product or service. If you don’t your e-mail prospects job titles, it will be difficult to deliver e-mail content which is likely to capture their attention. A one for all message very rarely does the trick!

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The moral of this story?

If you want to execute smarter, more effective e-mail marketing campaigns, be more specific with the data required to sign up to your e-mail list. It’s really not a lot to ask for a prospects name, e-mail address, industry and job title.

What data do you collect for e-mail sign-ups?

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